A portrait of Yes campaigner and filmmaker Rachel Perkins in Rymill Park Adelaide.

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A portrait I took of Rachel Perkins, Indigenous Film maker and daughter of the Civil Rights activist Charles. This was taken during the vote for Yes campaign launch in Adelaide. I tried to keep the portrait session relaxed as possible as with a lot of this editorial style of work you never have as much time as you need. However Rachael was easy to work with and patient, something that can't be said for some of the portraits that I do. just to sum how import this vote for yes is I have added a overview from Wikipedia on what the big deal is - The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice (or The Voice to Parliament) is a proposed new body comprising Indigenous Australians, which is currently under consideration for inclusion via amendment to the Constitution of Australia by way of a referendum scheduled for late 2023.
RACHEL PERKINS YES CAMPAIGNERSRACHEL PERKINS YES CAMPAIGNERSADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA - NewsWire Photos February 22 2023: Yes campaigner and filmmaker Rachel Perkins, poses for a photograph in Rymill Park Adelaide.
NCA NewsWire / David Mariuz


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